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Create your climate impact strategy

We use AI to take the guesswork out of your energy transition by creating equitable
and actionable carbon reduction roadmaps. Our carbon accounting and emissions management platform helps you measure, report, and reduce the carbon footprint of your operations. Dynamhex leverages localized data to address climate change.

Shorten the path

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Collaborative climate impact

We use spatial data, mathematical modeling and intuitive analytics to make climate change more personal and local, creating impact neighborhood by neighborhood. Cities and people living within them can access solutions to transition to a low-carbon future.

Big-data aggregation and visualization

Geospatial analytics and AI optimization

Communicate with citizens across community

The Dynamhex Enterprise Platform

We digitize your corporate climate strategy and impact assessment reports. We close the loop from planning and budgeting to decisions and outcomes by connecting all parties involved.

Centralize asset, climate and cost data

Manage workflow to prioritize projects and campaigns

Use verified measures to increase authenticity

Evaluate your technology, market and impact potential with validated data and near-real time. Visualize your total availability market and service your addressable clients.

Auto-suggest your carbon trace solutions to interested parties

Communicate both ROI and environmental impact stories

Actively generate leads and partnership to scale impact

Carbon Accounting & Emissions Management

Dynamhex makes carbon emissions measurement, reporting, and reduction easier. With our carbon accounting platform calculate your entire carbon footprint and get insights to reduce emissions. Dynamhex monitors and visualizes complex energy consumption data for individual, corporate and government entities. By linking to science-based emission reduction targets, we allow climate leaders to make data-driven decisions in a timely fight against climate change.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software

Measure your contributions to others. Whether a city within a region or a business unit within an organization - be on the same page.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software

Eliminate data silos. Look for synergies using dynamic tools in an everchanging world to align your efforts.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software

Pictures say a thousand words. Visualize your carbon footprint on where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software
KPI planning

Track all of your climate targets, projects, and budgets in one place. Allow partners to add projects to reach impact faster.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software

Measure progress and performance better, and talk about it with stakeholders clearly.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software

Turn climate commitments into localized investments. Find and collaborate with partners on solutions and projects.

Create and scale impact, faster

Creating an interactive and data - backed roadmap is the starting point for change

We help you reduce friction and actively embrace new solutions and partners