Target climate action. Measure impacts

A single grand idea will not solve climate change. We need action from individuals, companies, cities and nations. Dynamhex shows how.

Cities around the world are beginning to mobilize the power and scale of public and private actions for integrated programs and projects under transparent and timely targets.

Foster environmental sustainability

At the heart of climate change action are people. Individuals make various decisions each day that can influence our trajectory of addressing and solving this global issue.
All they need is a tool.

Identify measures of climate change action, on clean energy and emission reductions. See across businesses, homes and transportation. Set reduction targets and track this progress using your own consumption data with respect to science-based, climate change sustainability trajectory and regional reduction pathways.

Harness the transformative power of entrepreneurship and innovation to achieve the dual goals of economic development, community resilience and environmental sustainability. Co-create climate solutions that accelerate a strong, sustainable, low-carbon economy by adopting clean and efficient technologies and behavior.

Set clear targets and track progress. Lead the change with think tanks, advocacy groups and international institutions, including philanthropies and corporations to deliver positive environmental and social impacts around the world. Benchmark related and peer places on actions, contributions and impacts. Compare parts of the city to one another (neighborhood to neighborhood); parts of the city to the city as a whole (downtown to city); and the city to its peer cities.

Recognizing that climate change cannot be tackled in isolation, governments are working with their citizens and businesses tirelessly to match the speed change required to secure a sustainable future. Catalyze community-level action, by unlocking innovative financing mechanisms to reduce climate pollution from energy use across the city. Engage members of the community to achieve climate resilience.

Climate change threats can be only be addressed when individuals take action. The energy we use to power our homes, cars, and devices, contribute to carbon emissions.

By powering our homes with renewable energy, and investing in energy efficient technologies and behavior, we can join millions of citizens across our country, and globally, to spearhead the pledge made by our mayors, state leaders, county officials, governors and major companies.

Show commitment to local leaders and businesses, by spearheading community-level climate action. Be the change by building climate-resilient communities by joining those who are spearheading action through transparent, meaningful, and productive interactions.

Organizations around the world are trying to reduce their climate impact by improve their carbon and environmental performance. With meaningful emission reduction targets and projects, organizations can combine energy and environmental solutions into opportunities.

Offsetting what cannot be reduced - lead climate actions with offsets that meet the highest international standards, such as renewables or carbon credits with a quality guarantee.

How does it work?

At Dynamhex, we have gamified climate change mitigation actions. Each region, organization or individual has their own Hex, a multicolored cube. The plan is to completely color each entities cubes with cost-effective and impactful solutions.

Just log on and sync your data to see your impact and options on the “what”, “where” and “how” of climate change reductions.

Why Dynamhex

Difference will only be made if we act together, and act now. No framework currently exists that shows how this change can happen across the globe. We have heard enough talk on climate change actions, from corporations and governments Dynamhex pairs those actions with data-backed insights on climate progress.


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