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Together we achieve more!

We actively collaborate with talented and driven individuals who strive to fulfill our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Meet the team

Founder and CEO

As a serial climate tech innovator, Sunny works to align markets, technology and policy towards measurable emissions reduction. A self-taught developer, originally from Bangladesh.

Ann Davlin
Chief Strategy Officer

Having spent her career in the environment and energy sector, Ann is a policy expert and early climate-finance adopter. Focused on strategy, fundraising, and government affairs. Happiest on the ski slopes.

Chief Operations Officer

A serial entrepreneur and municipal bond nerd, Patrick works with development, finance, operations, and bad dad jokes.

Alex Calder
VP, Business Development

With a background in Energy and Business Development, Alex focuses on representing our customers interests, creating win-win business models and telling us all how great Pittsburgh is.

Brianna Tiley
Director of Marketing

A dedication to digital marketing strategies, Brianna’s focus centers on utilizing marketing research and communication efforts to advance climate action initiatives with partners and clients.

Our advisors

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Join us

01 Customer Success Manager

The ideal candidate will be an expert in understanding the energy landscape, empathizing with our users and driving adoption to better manage our customer’s growth and expansion. Learn more

02 Account Manager

The Account Manager’s role is to passionately build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our partners that move Dynamhex forward. Learn more>

03 Content Marketer

A creative candidate who develops compelling content that resonates with our intended audience and drives engagement while remaining up-to-date on the latest marketing trends. Learn more>

04 Community Manager

A Community Manager at Dynamhex will build our brand personality, awareness, and trust while engaging and supporting our online community. Learn more>

05 Sales Manager

The ideal candidate for the Sales Manager position will hold a proven track record of success in relationship building and closing deals. Learn more>

01 Product Manager

The Product Manager will oversee the product life cycle while engaging in market research and developing efficient strategies to optimize Dynamhex’s products. Learn more >

02 Product Designer

The Product Designer will have an eye for color and shape that can be transformed into user-friendly product features. Learn more>

03 Data Scientist

The ideal candidate will have the impeccable ability to analyze and interpret data points that can be transformed into actionable insights for Dynamhex’s business strategy. Learn more >

04 Energy Analyst

The Energy Analyst will primarily commit to auditing and managing energy flow efficiency projects with the focus on reducing energy consumption in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Learn more>

05 Sustainability Consultant

This position will provide clients with insightful solutions to reducing their carbon footprint as well as develop sustainable business strategies that benefit the client and conserve the environment. Learn more>

06 Full Stack Developer

This position will require a highly skilled computer programmer with extensive knowledge on both front-end and back-end systems to enhance Dynamhex’s digital presence. Learn more>

07 Front-end Developer

The Front-end Developer will hold a passion for web design and utilize their knowledge of programming languages to ensure a user-friendly experience for visitors on Dynamhex’s website. Learn more>

08 GIS Developer

An ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge on Geographic Information Systems to design geospatial web applications for energy data and reporting. Learn more>