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Carbon accounting

Carbon accounting

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1 FAQ On-site fossil fuel combustion
2 FAQ Mobile fleet fuel consumption
3 FAQ Fugitive emissions

1 FAQ Purchased electricity
2 FAQ Location-based
3 FAQ Market-based
4 FAQ Purchased steam, heating or cooling or CHP
5 FAQ Location + Market-based

1 FAQ Purchased Goods & Services
2 FAQ Capital Goods
3 FAQ Fuel and Energy Related Activites (Location-Based)
4 FAQ Transportation & Distribution ('T&D')
5 FAQ Waste Generated in Operations
6 FAQ Business Travel
7 FAQ Employee Commuting
8 FAQ Leased Assets

1 FAQ Transportation & Distribution
2 FAQ Processing of Solid Products
3 FAQ Use of solid Products
4 FAQ End-of-Life Treatment of solid Produ cts
5 FAQ Leased Assets
6 FAQ Franchises
7 FAQ Investments