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Data-backed diversity,
equity and inclusion

Our platform goes beyond narratives, to uncover empirical metrics around social equity and environmental justice to build inclusive communities.

Our approach

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software
Identify and measure

Visualize emissions from businesses, homes, and transportation in your city on day one. We empower you to immediately measure your footprint and set reduction targets by evaluating all emissions sources. Doing the complex data work, so you don’t have to.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software
Set goals and innovate

Use our tested methodology to co-create transformative climate solutions that accelerate a sustainable, low-carbon economy by adopting clean and efficient technologies and behavior across your community. Meet climate goals with impactful solutions.

Dynamhex - Carbon Emissions Management & Climate Accounting Software
Act and implement

Lead the change with data-backed strategies supported by local partners and global leaders alike, to deliver verifiable positive environmental and social impacts across your community and around the world.

Government Solutions
Collaborate and engage

Our technology enables you to incentivize reduction actions and track progress on targets using granular, personalized data. Collaborate with members of your community to achieve climate resilience.

How we help

Less time on city-wide climate action planning
Less costs in managing the community’s transition
More civic engagement with citizens

Product features

Government | Carbon Emission Reduction Solutions - Dynamhex

Seeing is believing. Dynamhex visualizes, measures and reduces carbon emissions. Our visualization portal helps you identify CO2 reduction opportunities and achieve your climate goals with unique, visible and dynamic recommendations based on specific parameters.

Geospatial analytics

Advanced visualization

Civic business intelligence

Quantify visible benefits

Government | Carbon Emission Reduction Solutions - Dynamhex

The world we live in is dynamic. Making real-world decisions using old, static data is not only incorrect, but could be harmful. We ingest city-level data at the household and building level to give you the most accurate representation of your community’s footprint, which informs your climate strategies.

Protocol-complaint inventory

Built-in recommendations

Benchmarked and standardized data

Open and automated APIs

Government | Carbon Emission Reduction Solutions - Dynamhex

There could be thousands of permutations of different climate solutions that could apply in your community. Which ones are socially equitable? Which ones are most cost-effective? Which ones leads to maximum impact? Let us help you find and track climate projects through optimized future scenario planning.

Optimize outcomes

Project ROI and impact assessment

Ongoing emission reduction aggregation

Automated year-on-year tracking

Government | Carbon Emission Reduction Solutions - Dynamhex

No one is reading 100 page PDFs. Simplify your climate action plan for all members of your community for more equitable access. We are powering, building and explaining climate action plans in ways that actually matter.

Interactive climate action plan

Integrate with local climate ordinance

Measure and report progress

Personalized citizen and local-business dashboards

Visualize impact
Pictures are worth a thousand words
Lead by example
Actions speak louder than words
Quantify impact
Measure and report performance

In order to reach city energy targets, a robust and data-backed system needs to manage and maintain multiple goals and actions collaboratively. The Dynamhex software and analytics capabilities deliver this goal setting, standardization, and monitoring of multi-level, geo-spatial energy-use data.

Bob Bennett Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City, Missouri

Dynamhex’s technology helps implement collectively-planned mitigation actions and meet the region's goals. Dynamhex helps city leaders better visualize regional greenhouse gas data and monitor progress through an online optimization and engagement platform. Modules for local utility providers allow power production plants to collaborate with cities in measurably reducing emissions in the region.

Mayor Mike Kelly City of Roeland Park, Kansas